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Get Naked. Get your kit on
with Pursue Fitness.

At Naked, we’ve partnered with a clothing brand, and surprisingly we have loads in common. The main thing is, we’re both into fitness. But not in a crazy fanatical way. We simply believe taking care of your body is important. They’ve got all the gear. We’ve got protein drinks that taste good – and are packed full of lovely fruit.
Together, we have a lot to offer busy, on-the-go people, who want to look good, feel great and drink delicious.
“Naked drinks and Pursue Fitness are the perfect partnership for promoting a healthy lifestyle and increasing motivation. We like to encourage activity and productivity in the form of high quality fitness clothing, so what better brand to team up with than Naked, who can provide the same on-the-go consumers with a healthy boost in one bottle.”

-Michael Hughes, Founder of Pursue Fitness